In the second year of University I had to create a game on the PlayStation 3 using a development kit and PSGL (A PS3 specific version of OpenGL ES).

I had to learn how to use PSGL and create the game from the ground up, this involved:

  • Loading and drawing 3D Models to the screen, both from external files and hard coded data, with textures and lighting.
  • Creating a file loader to load 3D models from a file with data for vertices, colours and texture UV coordinates, then calculate normal data for lighting.
  • Multiple cameras that can be switched between and controlled.
  • Input from the Sixaxis/DualShock 3 controller (and using the vibration function of the DS3).
  • Collision detection in 3D space.
  • Working with materials and textures. (UV Mapping)

I then had to create a game. I chose to make a simple top down shooter game with multiple cameras that would allow the player to switch to a first person perspective at any point in the game. The above video shows the game being played on a PS3 development kit.

  • Using C++, PS3, PSGL