Tiletapper is a game I created using the libGDX framework. The game was designed primarily as a mobile game and I chose to use libGDX due to the ease involved in developing for and deploying to several platforms and because it lends itself nicely to 2D games. The game runs on Android but can also be built for Desktop (link at the end).

The object of the game is to tap the tile in the grid at the top of the screen that matches the colour of the one at the bottom of the screen within a time limit. Tapping too many incorrect tiles or running out of time will end the game. Increasing the difficulty increases the number of tiles in the grid.

The graphics are basic and consist mostly of images made by me and libGDX presets however the main logic of the game is complete and the game can be played in one of three difficulties. I added a short countdown timer to the start of the game to allow the player to get their bearings before it begins, pause/resume functionality and ensured that the game disposes of all game objects so it doesn’t use more memory than it needs to.

A playable standalone Windows version of the game and the Android apk can be found here along with the code for the game. The code can also be found on GitHub.

  • Using libgdx, Java