Click here to play the game in the Unity WebPlayer!

In January of 2013, Northumbria University hosted a Game Jam event in association with the RSPB. We had around 3 days to create a demo for a game that would be aim to educate children and raise awareness about the severely threatened Hen Harrier.

For this, I worked in a team alongside 3 other programmers and 1 artist/animator. We chose to create an “infinite flying” game in which the player must stay airborne by collecting food items to replenish fuel while avoiding a collision with the ground. For a score bonus, the player can carry out the Hen Harrier’s signature “food pass” in which the male passes the food to the female mid-flight.

We made the demo of the game (which you can play above) using Unity3D and C#. I worked with the other programmers in this in order to create the core mechanics of the game (flying, controls, collisions) as well as the UI and menus.

The demos were judged by both Northumbria and RSBP staff and our game was given the “Technical Achievement” award. The Game Jam was also written about in The Journal.

If the web player version of the game isn’t working, download the standalone Windows version here .

  • Using Unity, C#