As part of a module in the final year of University I was tasked with making a version of the game Shariki (a simple match 3 game) in 68K Assembly language using the Easy68K Editor and Simulator.

The rules of the assignment stated that the game had to use an 8×8 grid, 6 different colours and allow players to swap any 2 circles until a match is made either horizontally or vertically. Once a match is made, the circles are removed and the player is scored 10 points for the match and an additional 100 bonus points if the match is the same colour as the previous match. 3 distinct sounds also had to be used for a match, a bonus and the end of the game. The game also had to calculate how many remaining matches (assuimg 10 points per match) were left until the game was won). My implementation of the game included all of the asked for features.

You can download the whole package including the Easy68K files here or the text file containing the Shariki source code here.

  • Using Easy68k, 68k Assembly