Play the current version of Saviour here! (WASD to move, left mouse to shoot, Q or E to level up)

Saviour is a work in progress shoot-em-up game I am currently making in Unity 5.

The game moves from left to right and will see the player fighting waves of enemies in order to reach the end of the level. Each defeated enemy will grant experience allowing the player to level up. Upon leveling the player must choose one of two possible powerups, allowing them to focus on upgrading attributes and weapons or gaining a shield or sidekick. The enemies will vary from simple enemies that try and hit the player to more complicated enemies with their own weapons.

I started with the Unity Space Shooter tutorial as it seemed like it would make a good starting point for what I had in mind. However, I altered the tutorial to go from left to right rather than top to bottom.

As of now, I have worked mostly on the player side of the game, incorporating the level system and the benefits that it offers. The player will be offered choices between several system upgrades on leveling up, these are: Speed Up or Fire Rate Up, Multi Shot Up or Homing Shot Up and Shield or Sidekick. The player will be offered these choices a set number of times, so for example can choose to upgrade their speed 4 times or their speed and fire rate twice each.

Multi shot allows the player to shoot in multiple directions every time they fire. It can be leveled up to 4 times, each level adding an extra shot up to a max of 5. The player can opt instead for the homing shot. This adds a special shot to the players standard fire that will home in on the nearest target. Leveling the homing shot increases how often it fires. At level 1 it will fire every 10 shots, at max level 4 it will fire every 2 shots. As with speed and fire rate, the player can choose to focus entirely on one of these weapon upgrades or strike a balance between them.

Choosing the shield will add a shield to the player that will absorb one hit and then disappear, the player can only have one shield at a time. Choosing a sidekick will add a small friendly ship that flies alongside the player and shoots when they do. Sidekicks will be destroyed if hit. The player can have 2 sidekicks at once, one on either side.

My future plans for the game are to remove the static background from the tutorial and instead have a scrolling level with hazards that the player must navigate. I also plan to create several different enemy types, each with different AI that react differently to the player.

You can check out Saviour on GitHub here!

  • Using Unity, C#