During a final year module at University I had to work as part of a team to create a game based on a specification. We chose to make Rockheads, an RPG/action game about a caveman.

We chose to make the game in Unity due to how quickly it allowed us to get set up and start prototyping ideas. It also allowed us to work separately on our individual components and easily fit the pieces together at certain points.

Being a team of programmers, the art is minimal and consists mainly of inanimate models (and the main character is a cuboid…) however the game contains most of the promised features. This includes ranged/melee combat (taking into account player equipment), enemy AI and a quest/inventory/vendor system.

On the team, I was in charge of various things including:

  • The main character movement (controls, health/stamina, collisions).
  • The HUD such as minimap, health/stamina bars, weapons and enemy health bars.
  • The combat, both the main character and enemy attacks and collisions.
  • Creating the environment and positioning enemies and NPCs.

You can download the executable here along with a selection of scripts that I wrote for the game.

  • Using Unity, C#