As part of a second year module at University, I had to work in a team of three to create a sizable mod for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim using the available Skyrim Creation Kit and scripting language Papyrus.

The mod we created, titled “The Flooded City of Ankarth”, added a whole new area to the game world complete with new story, quests, NPCs, items and a dungeon. Part of the assignment brief was to implement a new mechanic that did not already exist in the base game. We chose to have a section of the game, the titular flooded city, in which the level of the water could be controlled with levers scattered throughout the city.

My role in the team was lead scripter. Working with the environment created by one of the other team members and with the help of the other, I wrote a large portion of the scripts that made up the final mod. This included writing NPC dialogue and behaviour, quest descriptions and functionality and the water level mechanic.

The full mod is available for download at the Steam Workshop or the Skyrim Mod Nexus.

A video of the mod being played in full can be found here.